Yoga pants, leggings and seamless tops. It's what does best. We offer the widest selection of Nikibiki Seamless clothing as well as a huge selection T-Party yoga pants and leggings. We also offer adorable BoHo chic casual wear and athleisure wear to round out your comfy closet, but yoga pants, leggings and seamless tops is our specialty. Whether you are crazy or casually active, we have the clothes for you! was founded by Andrea Bridges in 2008. She and her family worked the boutique until 2015 when Sandy Allan and Jerri Hemsworth bought the shop so that Andrea could spend more time with her family. Since then, we've carried on Andrea's tradition of carrying super comfortable athleisure and BoHo chic clothes for every woman's size and shape. We take great pride in carrying a wide variety of seamless clothing from Nikibiki as well as the best yoga pants from T-Party Fashion. We sprinkle in other brands such as Chris & Carol, Urban X and a few others when we feel that they fit our mission of super casual, super comfy, super cute clothes for our customers.


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